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4 April 2020 — Kamada  Ekadashi

           The glories of Kamada Ekadashi is discribed in Varaha Purana in the conversation between Lord Krishna and Maharaj Yudhisthira.

           Once Maharaj Yudhisthira asked Lord Krishna, the crown of Yadu Dynasty, "O, Lord Vasudeva! Please, accept my humble obeisances. O, my Lord! Please, discribe to me about the Ekadashi that occures during the waxing moon in the month of March/April. Also explain to me the procedure for observing this Ekadashi and what is its benefit?"

            Lord Krishna replied, "My dear Maharaj Yudhisthira, please, hear attentively the description of this Ekadashi which is recorded in the Purana.

            Once when Maharaj Dilip, the great grandfather of Lord Ramachandra asked his spiritual master sage Vasistha about the name and procedure for observing the Ekadashi which occures during the waxing moon in the month of March/April.

            Sage Vasistha replied, "O, King! I will certainly fulfill your desire. The name of this Ekadashi is Kamada. This sacred Ekadashi burns all ones sinful reactions to ashes and awards the observer the previllage of having a son. Now, please, hear its glories from me.

            Long, long ago there existed a city named Ratnapur (Bhogipur). This apulent city was ruled by a king named Pundarika. He was accompanied by his subjects that includes the gandharvas, kinnaras and the apsaras. In that city a beautiful apsara named Lalita and a handsome gandharva named Lalit lived as a husband and wife. Both of them were overwhelmed by each others love and they constantly remained engaged in variouos sporting activities at their oppulent house. The love for her husband in the heart of Lalita and the love for his wife in the heart of Lalit was so intense that they were unable to tolerate a movements separation from each other.
             One time in the court of King Pundarika many gandharvas were singing and danceing and Lalit also sang with them without his wife. Due to absence of Lalita, Lalits voice, tune, steps and wordings became faulty. Among the audience there was a snake named Karkotaka who new about this mystry. So, he went and complined to King Pundarika about the actual truth of Lalits behaviour. Then the king became extremely angry and cursed Lalit as follows, "O, sinful one! O, fool! Being controled by the lust of your wife you have disturbed the singing and dancing. So, I curse you to become a man eater cannibal".

            O, best of the king, being cursed by King Pundarika Lalit immediately transformed into a great demon. When Lalita saw her husbands such an unbelivable and fears looking form she became extremely hurt. With intense distress she spent her days and nights simply thinking what should I do and where can I go. Giving up all embaressment she lived with her husband in the forest.

            Once while wondering within the dence forest with her husband Lalita saw the most sacred ashrama of the sage Shringi at the peak of Vindhya Mountain. Lalita immediately went there and offered her respectful obeisances to the sage. Upon seeing this lady the sage inquired, "O, beautiful one, who are you? Whose daughter are you? Why have you come here?  Lalita replied, ‘’O, great soul, I am the daughter of the gandharva named Viradhanva. My name is Lalita. I have come here with my cursed husband. O, great sage! My husband has become a demon by the curse of the gandharva king Pundarika. O, brahmin! I am greatly distressed by seeing his terrible and ferocious form. O, my Lord! Kindly explain to me the process of atonement by which my husband can become liberated from the curse. O, best of the brahmins! Please, instruct in such a way that his demoniac condition of life is removed".
            After hearing Lalita’s pathetic request, the great sage Shringi said, “O, daughter of the gandharva! In a few days time an Ekadashi named Kamada, which occures during the waxing moon in the month of March/April will approach. By strictly following the vow of this Ekadashi all ones desires are fulfilled. O, gentle lady! According to my instruction, you observe this vow of Ekadashi and give the entire merit which you have earned by observing this vow to your husband. Then by the influence of this merit your husband will immediately become freed from the curse”.

            O, King! Being instructed in this way by the sage Lalita gladly observed the vow of this Ekadashi. On the day of Dvadasi Lalita sat in front of the brahmanas and the Supreme lord Vasudeva and declared, “I have observed the vow of Kamada Ekadashi to releave my husband from the curse. Now by the influence of my earned piety let my husband be freed from the demoniac condition of life”. At that time her husband turned demon Lalit was present there. As soon as Lalita finished her prayer her demon husband became freed from all sins and regained his divine gandharva form. Thereafter both Lalit and Lalita lived their lives happily”.
            Lord Krishna continued, “O, Maharaj Yudhithira! O, best of the Kings! Any one, who hears this wonderful narration of Kamada Ekadashi should certainly observe it to the best of its ability. There is no better vow of Ekadashi then this Kamada Ekadashi for it can iradicate even the sin of killing a brahmin and counteract the demoniac curses".

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